HighDesign R8

Up to 2X faster, tables, interactive schedules, new symbol navigator, enhanced architectural tools, improved interoperability.

Illustration of a gauge at maximum range

Up to 2X Faster

HighDesign R8 boasts of 2x speed improvements in screen refresh, selecting and deselecting, switching views, and user interface. You can now enjoy a faster and smoother experience while working with HighDesign.

Save time handling large files thanks to the improved loading and saving times and a more efficient memory management.

Screenshot of the symbol library browser in HighDesign R8

Redesigned Symbols

The new visual Symbol Browser lets you navigate and select symbols faster and more efficiently. The HighDesign Symbol library has been reorganized with clearer categories for a more intuitive experience.

Symbols also have a new internal structure that makes them faster, more efficient and powerful with the added support for internal layers.

An imported table in HighDesign with formula editor


The new Table tool (SE/Pro) lets you enter and display data with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Tables also support formulas and functions and can be formatted with a variety of visual styles to best fit your presentations.

Additionally, the tool can import and link Excel worksheets with live updates, making it easier for users to work with data from other sources.

Door schedule with interactive editing

Interactive Schedules

Schedules (Pro): a new project item that extracts information from the project and displays the data in table form. Data can be defined by property filters, grouped, sorted, and displayed with totals and counts.

Schedules are interactive as each row is linked to a project element, so that not only changes to the element are instantly updated on the schedule, but you can also edit values on the schedule and see the changes in the project in real time!

Screenshot of the interface of HighDesign R8

Enhanced User Interface

Many elements of the user interface of HighDesign R8 were redesigned for a more efficient use of screen space and easier access to the features.

Most icons have been updated with a clearer and more intuitive look. Tool settings windows are now narrower and better organized. Full screen mode now leaves more space to the drawing area and the toolbox can now be scrolled to show the tool icons on smaller screen resolutions. The new pop-up notifications make it easier to open exported drawings and images.

Compound walls and a swinging door in HighDesign

Improved Architecture Tools

Walls, openings and columns now have height, surface and volume parameters that can be computed and documented.

You can now flip the opening side and direction of doors and windows with a single click.

The home page of the HighDesign Help and Documentation website

More Extensive Documentation

The help and documentation website was completely redesigned and reorganized. Most topics were expanded and improved with more through descriptions and screenshots.

The new organization also makes it easier to find the topics and answers.

Screenshot of the DWG translator in HighDesign

Improved Compatibility

DXF/DWG compatibility is now faster and more accurate with the improved support for hatches, new support for tables, and overall better accuracy in the translation of complex drawings with layouts.

Screenshot of mutiple linear dimensions with continued and baseline modes

Improved Dimensions and Texts

Multiple linear dimensions can now use the baseline mode in addition to continued.

Creating and editing text blocks and labels is now easier and more consistent.

Illustration of a package with the HighDesign app inside

Optimised Packages

HighDesign SE is now more powerful and includes the ability to define custom keyboard shortcuts and the Publish to PDF feature.

HighDesign LT is no longer a separate download package, making it easier to upgrade to a higher-level edition at any time.