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HighDesign R8 vs AutoCAD® 2025: 4 key Features

Discover what makes HighDesign truly unique when compared to AutoCAD LT - In the current digital age, professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, and manufacturing rely on advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software for projects that have become increasingly complex and demanding. In the arena of design software, while AutoCAD is a widely used solution, HighDesign is certainly a worthy competitor and a valid alternative to AutoCAD.

Last updated 4/7/2024

What's New in HighDesign R8.1

Improved Windows support, image editing, drawing, dimensions and more. - We're excited to publish a new release of HighDesign! R8.1 is here and brings many important quality enhancements based on the feedback we've received from users.

Last updated 28/5/2024

Feature highlight: schedules

A new feature in HighDesign R8, schedules help streamline the design process by optimizing resource allocation and reducing costs.

Last updated 12/2/2024

HighDesign on the Mac App Store and the Microsoft Store

Learn about our plans for HighDesign R8 on the Mac App Store and the Microsoft Store.

Last updated 8/2/2024

What's New in HighDesign R8

The new release is now available and brings 2X faster performance and advanced information management with tables and schedules.

Last updated 6/2/2024


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