What's New in HighDesign 2017

Coming to Windows 10. macOS Sierra ready.
Brand new LT edition.
Enhanced drafting and architectural tools.

Windows Support

Upcoming Windows 8 to 10 support with full interoperability of both Mac and Windows versions: the same application, with the same familiar user interface and one file format to give you the freedom to use your favorite CAD software on the platform of your choice and smoothly share your projects with collaborators and partners.

The Windows version of HighDesign 2017 is currently in the final stages of beta testing and will be available soon.

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HighDesign 2017 running on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Ready for macOS Sierra

HighDesign 2017 works beautifully with Apple's new macOS Sierra. You can upgrade your machines right away.

Of course, HighDesign 2017 fully supports OS X versions 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, and 10.11 El Capitan.

LT Version

HighDesign LT is the light-weight, affordable CAD tool for your personal drafting needs. Easily create, edit and document drawings with the full set of drafting tools and editing functions, and share your work as DXF or image file. Produce accurate layouts with all the benefits of the much appreciated HighDesign user experience.

HighDesign LT does not include tools and functions that are not essential in home use, such as sheets, advanced printing, and the Pro-only features. For more details, see the comparison table.

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HighDesign LT 2017


The Hatch tool now provides the new texture type. Apply pictures of materials and surfaces to add a photorealistic touch to your drawings and presentations.

The HighDesign library now includes a large selection of textures ready to use in your projects. Of each textured hatch, you can edit origin, scale and orientation. In the Standard and Pro editions, the Drawing Manager allows you to extend your library with new, custom textures.

HighDesign 2017 Textures

Pro: Enhanced Columns and Pillars

The Column tool now features automatic alignment and distances. When inserting or editing a column, it automatically aligns to the structural grid of the previously inserted columns. You can also enter the dimension and automatically snap all the new columns to that predefined value. Creating a structural grid has never been easier.

Powerful Drafting

HighDesign 2017 enhances the drafting tools with many additions and improvements that will help you save time and clicks.

  • The Hatch tool now has two methods for the creation of polygonal and round islands in existing regions.
  • More powerful and accurate radial dimensions with support for prefixes.
  • New linetypes: grass, ridge in plan and elevation view.
  • Tangent alignments to arcs and circles. You can now create a new line with a predefined condition of tangent to an arc or circle.
  • Object highlight emphasizes the current, selectable object under the cursor.
  • Polyline segments can be edited by dragging the mid-point.

New Purge Command

This function removes all unused resources from the project. These redundant items can result in a project by opening or merging an old document or when importing a DXF/DWG drawing. Many unused resources can significantly slow down the application.

This command applies to Layers, Linetypes, Hatches, Styles and Symbols.

HighDesign 2017 Purge Command
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HighDesign 2017

Available starting from $199.00.
Upgrades for current 1.8 users from $129.99

HighDesign 2017

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