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HighDesign 2017.2.2 is available. Maintenance release. Fixes and improvements in handling images with alpha channel. Read the full release notes.



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About HighDesign

Pre-purchase questions and basic info about the software, supported platforms, and availability.


How to purchase, upgrade or renew licenses. Learn about prices, taxes, and invoices.

Installation, Licenses and Upgrades

Downloading, installing, transfer, and upgrades.

Upgrade from HighDesign 1.8

Information about upgrading from HighDesign 1.8 and earlier to HighDesign 2016.

Get Started

Learn how to set up and organize a new project, save documents and extend the resources.

How Do I...?

Advices on the best ways to use commands and perform particular actions.


"Houston, we have a problem."

Importing and Exporting

Tips on sharing your projects with your collaborators and clients.

HighDesign Professional

Questions about features available in the Professional edition only.

Lost License Key

If you have previously purchased software licenses from our store and have misplaced them, you can request to have your licenses emailed to you again. Please enter your name and the email address you used for the original order. Any licenses registered to the email address you specify will be emailed to that address.

For security reasons, we can email licenses only to the address under which they are registered. If your email address has changed, please contact us at