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You can upgrade from HighDesign LT to Standard or Pro, and from HighDesign Standard to Pro.

  • LT to Standard: $150.00
  • LT to Pro: $300.00
  • Standard to Pro: $150.00

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Upgrading Your License

  • HighDesign is available in different editions to best suit your needs. Every higher-level edition adds features that extend your design possibilities and streamline your workflow. As your needs evolve, so does your software.
  • You can upgrade your license at any time and benefit directly of the added features.
  • If you are upgrading from HighDesign LT, you will need to download a new package for either HighDesign Standard or Pro. If you are upgrading a HighDesign Standard license, you can activate the Pro license directly in your current installation.
  • Check the Comparison table to learn more about the different feature set in each edition.