Renew your license and extend your maintenance plan by another year.

More value for your work: install the latest updates and keep pace with innovations and enhancements.

  • LT: $69.00
  • Standard: $125.99
  • Pro: $199.99

Enter your latest HighDesign license below:

Alternatively, you can renew your license from within HighDesign: open About HighDesign > License Information and click "Renew" near your current license.

How a HighDesign license works

  • Your license is permanent, it is not a subscription. You decide when to renew, there are no time constraints.
  • Your license includes a one-year maintenance plan that allows you to install all the updates released during the year of validity. For example, if you purchase on 1st September 2021, you'll receive all the major and minor updates until 1 September 2022, regardless of their version number.
  • When your maintenance plan expires, you can renew for another year and install the latest updates. Alternatively, you can continue to use the version of HighDesign that you have, for as long as you want, but you won’t be able to receive any further updates.