Upgrade from HighDesign 1.x to HighDesign 2015

If you own a license for HighDesign versions 1.0 through 1.8, you can upgrade to HighDesign 2015 at a very convenient price. If you purchased HighDesign 1.8 after January 1, 2014, your upgrade to HighDesign 2015 is free.

1. Locate your license.

To upgrade to HighDesign 2015 at the discounted price, your current license must be verified in HighDesign 2015. You will need owner name and license key.

If you are installing HighDesign 2015 on the same computer where you currently use HighDesign 1.8, the license should be retrieved automatically and you can jump to step 2.

If you misplaced your license, you can request to have it emailed again to you by submitting this form.

2. Launch HighDesign 2015 and open the Activation panel.

On the Trial screen, click the Activate button. Alternatively, open the HighDesign 2015 menu and choose Activate License...

Push the Upgrade from 1.x button.

HighDesign Activate Panel

3. Enter your license.

Enter your license information in the corresponding fields and push Enter on the keyboard.

If your license is verified, the "Upgrade" button enables. Click it to access the store.

If you are eligible for a free upgrade, the "Upgrade" button becomes "Free Upgrade". Click it to email us a pre-compiled request. You will then receive your 2015 license key as soon as we review the request.

HighDesign 1.8 License Verification