How do I...?

Project resources can be completely customized and extended. Linetypes, linear hatches and vector patterns can be created and edited in the Drawing Manager window. You can create a new linetype or hatch, or duplicate and edit an existing item. Saved resources are stored in the user's Application Support folder. Symbols can be created and edited via the Symbol Inspector window, which opens when you double-click the Symbol icon on the drawing tools bar.
The default library can be easily extended with new libraries or with your own symbols. To add new libraries, use the Add Symbol Library command under the File menu, choose the folder that contains HighDesign symbols and select the destination folder.
To add your own symbols, you can use New Symbol command in the Tools menu to create a new symbol and add it to the User Library.
Alternatively, you can use the Symbol Inspector to create, edit and rename sub-folders, and create symbols and views from a selected drawing by using the buttons on the lower hand side of the panel.
The colors of the background, selection handles, and guides are project-specific properties. To change them, choose File > Project Properties > Appearance.
Choose File > Project Properties > Sheet Units. You can select the linear unit from a list including imperial, metric and typographic units. Angular units can be decimal, radians and gradians. For both linear and angular units you can set the desired precision.
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