About HighDesign

HighDesign is a 2D CAD software designed to assist in the creation, modification and publication of technical projects and drawings. The range of drawing tools and aids, editing functions, organization features, import and export capabilities, make it a powerful tool for architects, engineers, designers.

HighDesign is succesfully used in architecture, engineering, construction, technical drafting, landscape design, mechanical drafting, interior design, and historic preservation. Firms and professionals in more than 40 countries around the world use HighDesign every day to produce high-quality designs.

HighDesign Standard is a full-featured, generic CAD software that provides tool for drafting, dimensioning and annotating your designs. If you need a CAD software to produce occasional technical drawings, but want professional-looking results, or if your projects are usually made of one drawing, HighDesign Standard is the best tool for you.

HighDesign Professional provides more advanced tools, such as sheets, project views and styles to organize and easily handle even the more complex projects. Parametric walls, columns, and detailed doors and windows are especially useful to architects and civil engineers, and more, special tools are designed for fields like surveying and historic preservation and to share your projects with high-impact 2D renderings. If you use CAD for your everyday work, HighDesign Professional is the right choice. Learn more about the Professional Edition

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No, HighDesign 2015 is currently available on the Mac platform only.

HighDesign runs on Mac computers, running OS X from version 10.8 "Mountain Lion" to 10.10 "Yosemite". Check the technical specifications for details about minimum and suggested configurations.

Yes, when you download HighDesign from the Downloads page, the software starts as a 30-day, full feature trial version. You are free to create, save and open HighDesign projects for 30 days from the moment you first launch, without limitations. After the expiration of the trial, the software will no longer run until you activate it with a license key.

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