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"I do appreciate all the improvements you have made to various dialogue boxes - which reinforces the essential quality of 'high design' which is 'the user experience' & which is so different to most CAD programs - it really is a joy & congratulations on a nicely evolving piece of software!"

Bruce Thomson Architect

"I have a small custom construction company. I have really enjoyed using HD, it has helped me solve several potential problems before they were built and then would have had to be reworked."

William Siler (USA)

"I think back to a question I asked you a long time ago right before I bought HighDesign: whether it was an application that professional firms are using. Today I get a laugh about having ever asked that, the answer of course is “Yes!” I bought HighDesign a little over three years ago, in that time I have created plans, elevations, sections, and details (all of which used various scales as required by the drawing,) schedules, and notes that are every bit as good as anything I’ve ever done with VectorWorks (on a Mac) or AutoCAD (on a PC.) The drawings I created in HighDesign have used various line types, line weights, fills and hatches, and font sizes to create drawings according to recognized architectural graphic standards. The information within the drawing files has been managed according to the logical layering standard I like to use, they are further organized by sheets, and I then use project views to make managing the numerous layers and sheets fast and easy.

Projects have ranged in size and complexity, projects as small and simple as the 150 s.f. shed I already mentioned, multiple 500-1000 s.f. condominiums, a 5000 s.f. metal building renovation, and a 17,000 s.f. commercial renovation (the most recent addition of project completed using HighDesign.) So, all this is to say once again that HighDesign does what it says it does, keep up the good work!"

Ted (USA)

"I have bought this software over 2 weeks for family use. I came from VectorWorks for professional use. I am very very satisfied !!! Excellent DXF import; excellent and complete constraints; FRENCH localisation OK; drawing assistance (construction lines, temporary guides, ...) OK. Congratulations."


"Have just bought your excellent HighDesign Professional, and am very pleased with it, even though I am just learning it I find it much better to use and learn than the program that I have been using on my PC for a number of years... many thanks for a great program, its a joy to use."

Petere Meure

"Once again, thanks for your fast response! HighDesign is an incredible software package. Combine that with your service after the sale... Now that "Raises the bar". HD is the best thing on my Mac!"

Chris Jones, Jones X-Ray Inc. (USA)