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ILEXSOFT Releases HighDesign 2015

80 New Features and Redesigned Interface Streamline the Design Process of Mac CAD Users.

February 10, 2015 11:00 am CET

PERUGIA (ITALY)--February 10, 2015--ILEXSOFT today announced the release of HighDesign 2015, the latest version of their computer-aided design (CAD) software for Mac. The new release delivers a new, responsive user interface and 80 new features that greatly streamline the design process from the initial sketches to the production sheets.

The new user interface is designed to be responsive and fit different screen sizes and configurations, maximizing the use of space and focusing on the project. Support for multiple documents and displays, the new sidebar and input bar, the Inspector, dark and light themes, and many new customization options allow the software to adjust to the user's context and preferences.

The Radial Menu brings together all the relevant tools and functions in one, convenient visual menu. The tools are presented where they are needed according to the current context, allowing the user to stay focused on the drawing.

The drafting tools now offer greater freedom in the creation of complex shapes. New features include:

HighDesign 2015 is compatible with DXF and DWG® 2015 file formats.

The Professional Edition now adds Templates to make it easier for the user to create reusable sheets and comply with international and company CAD standards. Walls, columns, doors and windows are now even more powerful with new parameters that define the exterior face of the wall, its shape, joints and construction system. Doors and windows automatically adjust their level of detail to the current scale.

Sheets with own units are now even more powerful and flexible. This allows a single document to include multiple drawings with different units and scale, making it possible to control the entire project from the site layout down to the construction details.

The Photogrammetry tools has been enhanced with a simpler setup process and the new option to correct the perspective of the image in addition to tracing the original image. The redesigned Render tool for presentations and the image-editing functions have been enhanced with new UI, options and filters.

Learn more about the new features in HighDesign 2015.

About HighDesign

HighDesign is the full-featured 2D computer-aided design (CAD) app for OS X that combines advanced drafting and design tools with a modern, efficiency-oriented user interface designed to assist the user in all phases of the creative process. HighDesign has been developed from the ground up as a new product aimed at satisfying the actual needs of design professionals, and has grown to be a well recognized and appreciated app in the Mac community, actively used in more than 40 countries worldwide by individuals, firms and institutions.

Pricing and Availability

HighDesign 2015 runs on Macs with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.9 and OS X 10.8. HighDesign 2015 is available in two main editions, Standard for 299.00 USD and Professional for 499.00 USD. A third option, called "Professional Plus", offers two Professional licenses at the convenient price of 699.00 USD. Registered HighDesign users of any previous version are eligible for an upgrade price of 149.00 USD for HighDesign Standard and 249.00 USD for HighDesign Professional.

One-year educational licenses are available free of charge for qualified students and teachers. More information at


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