HighDesign 2017

Imagine the future. Design it.

HighDesign is the alternative, full-featured CAD solution for the architecture, engineering and design professionals.

Available for Mac and coming soon on Windows, HighDesign offers a fresh, intelligent approach to CAD design.

HighDesign 2017. The alternative CAD for Mac... and Windows.

HighDesign is the modern 2D CAD solution for Mac and Windows built for the actual needs of architects, engineers, and design professionals. Whether your field is architecture or mechanical drafting, engineering or landscaping, HighDesign will help you create stunning designs.
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HighDesign 2017 is ready for macOS Sierra, introduces a new, affordable LT edition, and enhances drawing tools, usability and DWG/DXF compatibility for a satisfying design experience.
HighDesign 2017 is also coming to Windows!
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Advanced Tools + Your Creativity

All the industry-standard drawing and editing tools are right there where you need them.

But there's much more.

HighDesign provides advanced features to let you cross the boundaries between CAD and illustration, pure drafting and BIM. Available in two affordable editions, Standard and Professional, to best suit your needs.

Now, just add your creativity.

HighDesign 2015 Design Tools.

Get more done (and save time).

With intelligent layers, groups, direct editing, shortcuts, HighDesign 2017 simplifies the creative process with features designed to streamline your workflow. The radial menu gives even more control over the project right where your focus is.

Powerful Tools

ISO, DIN and ANSI/ASME compliant dimensions, styled texts, poly-lines and curves, alignments and snaps, transformations, offset, are just a few of the tools available in HighDesign 2017.

Elegant Interface

Create beautiful designs with beautiful tools. HighDesign's modern user interface has been conceived and carefully developed to minimize the distance between your ideas and their on-screen visualization and provide the best user experience possible.

Collaborate with everyone

Share your projects with the DXF/DWG™ format. With the Professional edition, you get more: PDF and advanced TIFF export. Print areas and the print center give you many options for quality output.


HighDesign 2017 adds even more customization options and preferences to suit to your style. Plus, HighDesign Professional adds templates and custom key shortcuts.


HighDesign 2017 Professional adds presets, styles and views to handle complex projects easily; the architectural tools include parametric walls, columns, doors and windows with multiple levels of detail; Photogrammetry for historic preservation; Image enhancement tools, 2D rendering and much more!

Trusted by designers around the world:

"HighDesign has been an alternative, full-featured 2D based CAD software package built on Mac OS X with a superb user interface (UI) and unique features for a software package at entry-level professional price points. The UI assists the user in all phases of the drafting and creative process."

"HighDesign has a rather gorgeous Apple-based user-interface reflecting its Mac-only roots. The app would stand out in the Windows CAD world."

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh

"I am a really enthusiast of HighDesign"

Tony Manias, Architect

"Have just bought your excellent HighDesign Professional, and am very pleased with it, even though I am just learning it I find it much better to use and learn than the program that I have been using on my PC for a number of years... Many thanks for a great program, it's a joy to use."

Peter Meure

Thanks and keep up the EXCELLENT work… so pleased I chose to move to HighDesign when needing a 2D CAD solution!!!

Trevor Murch-Lempinen

"I do appreciate all the improvements you have made to various dialogue boxes - which reinforces the essential quality of 'high design' which is 'the user experience' & which is so different to most CAD programs - it really is a joy & congratulations on a nicely evolving piece of software!"

Bruce Thomson Architect